5 myths in Skin Care Treatments

When it comes to your skin, you are willing to try everything in order to achieve that flawless skin. You can find a lot of skincare advice n the internet and most of them are helpful, but some of these are actually bad for the skin. So rather than trying anything skincare hack, you find online, you have to find out which of these really works and which of these will cause problems.

So here are helpful skincare myths you should stop believing and should stop doing.

Using coconut oil as a moisturizer

Coconut oil is, in fact, one of the most comedogenic oil there is. Using coconut oil for your face can be a big problem, especially if you have sensitive skin. Comedogenic means a substance that can cause clogging in pores which will result in producing more acne. Coconut oil tends to sit on your skin, thus create suffocation in your skin. It is thick and applying it on your skin is like using wax, nothing will get in, and nothing will get out.

Naturally, skincare products have a comedogenic rating. Those products with less rating are not likely to clog your pores, and those with a high rating can cause a potential problem. However, beauty products with that contain comedogenic doesn’t necessarily mean they can clog your pores and cause skin breakouts. It still depends on some factors like how dry or oily your skin is and the size of your pores. Also, how your skin reacts will still be considered. 

The higher the rating of comedogenic, the higher chance that your skin will get an adverse reaction. Coconut oil is for sure one of these.

Popping pimples will get the pus out better.

It may feel good popping those pimples sitting your skin, but if you do that, the more bacteria that goes deeper into your skin. Popping pimples is a terrible thing to do. This can cause inflammation and maybe the reason why many more pimples will pop up next to the one that you popped. Popping pimples may also cause scarring and permanent skin damage. If you have darker skin, popping pimple can cause skin discolouration will take months to solve without medication.

The best thing to do is to let the pimple heal by itself, which would typically take a week or two. But if you can’t stop picking your face, the best alternative is using a comedone extractor. You can buy this on beauty stores, and it doesn’t cause that much. Using this tool can help you remove your pimple without causing inflammation.

Expensive products work best

The price of the product has absolutely nothing to do with the quality or the effectiveness of the product. A costly beauty soap which contains harsh chemicals is no better for your skin than a cheap bar soap which also has the same chemicals. Both can make your skin dry and possibly too irritating. On the other hand, an irritant-free toner from a drugstore brand can be just as good or even better as the irritant toner from a known big beauty brand. It’s all about the formulation. Regardless of how one brand claims about their product and its price, a product without irritant and won’t cause problems in your skin, it is the ideal one. There are lots of skincare products that come from expensive brands, but they are all about water and wax. There are also inexpensive ones that contain beautiful formulations.

So when it comes to skincare products, the price really doesn’t matter. Again, it all about the formulation.

The product is effective when you feel a tingling effect

More often than not, you’ve heard that when you feel a tingling sensation on your skin, it mean that the product is working. This is actually not a good thing. The tingling sensation means your skin is telling you that it is being irritated and not helped. Products that cause tingling actually can cause damage to your skin. It can disrupt your sin healing process; it can worsen your scarring, it can breakdown collagen and can possibly cause an increase of bacteria which will result in more pimples. The tingling sensation is a sign that natural lipids in your face are being removed by the product. This will lead to unbalance pH.

It doesn’t matter if your face is not showing a physical sign of irritation, but as long as you feel that tingling sensation, it means the product you are using contains irritants that will impair your skin’s immune and healing process.

Washing skin many times can fight acne

Too much of a good thing can sometimes result in a bad thing. For example, eating. We eat to give our body the nutrients it needed. However, if we eat too much, it can harm our body.  The same goes for washing your face.  If you wash your face too much, it can remove the natural oil that skin is producing, which can potentially cause more skin breakouts.  Most people believed that bad skin is a result of dirty skin due to poor hygiene. So the best solution is washing the face more. While cleaning your face couple of times a day can loosen the dirt buildup, you still should not do it too often. Excessive washing can irritate skin and can actually make your acne worse.