The Best Eco-Friendly, All Organic Gift Ideas For The Holidays

With holidays just around the corner, there’s no wonder everyone is in a rush for presents. Eco-friendly and all organic gifts are among the hottest trends of this season. When choosing what gifts to buy for your family or friends, remember that they must be useful. Way too many Christmas gifts end up in the garbage bin or in a box in the garage. If you are still in need for some gifts, you may want to take a closer look at the following ideas.

All organic, natural teas can make perfect winter holidays gifts. Available in a wide array of flavours, colours and variants, these teas come nicely wrapped in stylish packages. Your tea loving beloved one will surely enjoy sharing a hot cup of tea with you one of these days. For an enhanced effect, add a fancy teapot and two matching cups, wrap everything in a wooden gift box and you’re all set for amazing holidays. 

Beeswax scented candles are eco-friendly gifts everybody loves. Beeswax is all natural and organic, a renewable resource worth making use of. Such candles are available in many shapes, sizes and colours, so you might have a difficult time making a choice. Offer a set of festive candles to your grandmother, to your mother, or even to your best friend. If you have a Secret Santa tradition going on in your workplace, consider offering scented candles to your colleague.

Natural cosmetics made from organic ingredients are always a good idea for a gift. We all use lip balms, shampoos and shower gels all year round, so we always enjoy such gifts. Available in hundreds of flavours and scents, natural cosmetics can make great stocking stuffers.

Handcrafted products are special gifts, meant to lift the mood of that special person in your life who needs a smile or two. A throw pillow, a set of coasters, a hand stitched tea wallet or a colourful bookmark can become a symbol of your love for your beloved one. If you tell them you’ve made it yourself, they’ll love and cherish it forever.

Solar-powered phone chargers are another cool idea of eco-friendly gift. Offer it to your teenager or to a camping or hiking lover to make their life easier. This isn’t the cheapest gift of all, but its effect on the recipient is surely guaranteed. Besides, the environment-friendly spirit will always be present, as harnessing solar power allows us to spare non-renewable resources. 

When choosing the best gifts for your dearest ones, try to cater to their needs or to their deepest wishes. Once you decide upon a budget for your gifts, take your research one step further by picking a category of products to focus on. There are eco-friendly choices in any industry or sector. Even if you were to offer your beloved one a new car or a new bike, you’d still have the option to go green by choosing an electric model. Do your best to protect our planet in everything you do. Holidays are the best time for us to show we care.

If you are a little constrained financially, there are several  online shops the offers paraben free wholesale organic products. You can share your passion and help in supporting a better cause.